About Us

Who We Are

Outstanding, professional dishes made by you, in the comfort of your home. We, at Pome, specialise in making this a possibility through our home deliveries of fruits, vegetables, pantry goods and bread.

Our passion for cooking and great food is one of the main reasons behind this journey. A passion that we have found reflected across social media, from explainer YouTube videos to food filters on our cameras. With people spending more time at home focusing on their physical health and overall wellbeing, there has been an increase in demand for both eye-watering content, and drool-worthy dishes.

The greatest challenge, we have found in creating these culinary masterpieces, is, of course, sourcing the right products, the right equipment and doing so without breaking the bank. And that is how Pome was born.

We have learnt, through trial and error, the quality of fresh products delivered by some supermarkets can be questionable – and for the types of dishes we like to cook, we needed a guaranteed delivery of quality products which we could only be sure of from large organic delivery companies – and we all know how expensive they can be.

For this reason, we have used our connections and relationships with suppliers within the professional catering industry built over multiple decades to be able to bring you value for money products with a guarantee of quality.

Why we’re different

Beyond profits, beyond business growth, and beyond typical supply-and-demand, we took stock of a few vital elements before we embarked on this venture.

We looked at the environment

We use 90% recyclable packaging and offer products to use as refillable containers. We also encourage our customers as well as our staff to reuse packaging where possible to give each product a second life.

We looked at the experience

We engage with you, our community, constantly through our social platforms, recipes, blogs, competitions, and much more.

We looked at our suppliers

Found like-minded, small companies and start-ups to support each other ensuring flexibility within the supply chain to ensure freshness rather than mass storage of products.

We are constantly developing our offerings across all sectors of the business to bring you the very best ingredients from New Covent Garden and Western International Markets, small bespoke suppliers and internal inspirations from our own staff. You should know that the same products you receive from us are also used by the very best London hotels and restaurants. As we purchase directly from the market, our pricing structure is not just competitive, but ‘industry changing’. We are constantly enhancing our offerings and per your requests, delightful interactive material to whet your appetite.

Our Mission & Vision

We’re dedicated to supplying food-related products and services of guaranteed quality driven by honesty, integrity and value.

Meet Peter

Pome is all about creating restaurant-quality dishes in your own home. And who better to found and operate such a business other than a man who has spent most of his life as a chef for various hotels, country clubs, restaurants, and gastro pubs.

In total, Peter Davis has over 34 years of experience in the food industry – 27 of those years in the kitchen wearing the chef hat and seven in food logistics – giving him unique insight and connections in ensuring that high-quality goods at affordable prices that you have come to expect from us.

With a can-do attitude, Peter has set a tone of inclusion for all staff – an attitude that is visible across the board in support of delivering excellence to you.


Fun fact: Peter has also cooked on location for multiple Formula One teams and designed healthy menus for over 200 primary schools.