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All orders should be placed 2 working days in advance. Order before 6 pm for next day delivery (Geographical restrictions apply). Delivery outside the M25 region will be any day as it will be delivered by DPD courier on a 48-hour window.

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We deliver in the greater London area. For all postal codes that fall within the M25, we charge a flat delivery fee of £1.75. For areas outside of this region, we charge an additional fee of £7.50. Delivery outside this region will be any day as it will be delivered by DPD courier on a 48-hour window.


To keep your product purchases low – and to not incur an additional markup under the guise of ‘free delivery, we apply the standard delivery fee to your basket.

We believe in providing you with superior quality products without excessive cost. To do so, our flat delivery rates ensure that you are fully aware of what you’re paying for, and exactly how much you’re paying for it.

Our policy of openness and inclusion extends throughout our business. This is about us being honest and fair with you, whether this is your first purchase or your 30th.


We’re big on quality… It will always be our top priority – that and, of course, keeping our prices as low as we possibly can.

Therefore, to promote efficiency and to make sure you get the freshest products at the best wholesale prices, we deliver to specific postcode areas on specific days.

So once you’ve placed your order, we check your delivery area and only then reach out to our suppliers. We do our best to pack and deliver within the same day – but the process of reaching out to our suppliers, packing and delivering does take some time.

This is why it’s important that orders are placed at least 48 hours in advance to avoid disappointment.

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